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welcome to crossfm

Thank you for supporting this project, started by a handful of people, who all share the love of music. We are here to promote and spread the vibrations around the globe, with no limitations whatsoever. This station is completley funded by ourselves, and we do not charge anything from you to listen. We hope that we will meet your expectations as listeners, and we'll try to make new content and improvements over time. For any suggestions, please head over to the About us  section of the web site and email us!



Broadcasting plan change

Crossfm has grown in the past two years, which means we constantly have a larger number of DJ sets and other music broadcasted each day. Since we don't have any kind of monetization system in place, we are going to have to cut down broadcasting time in order to keep our expenses at  reasonable level.

The plan is to broadcast music from our artists as usual, and go offline in between. So everything concerning the regular schedule stays the same.

Sadly, at this moment we are in no position to handle and maintain a full scale radio station with 24 hours of constant program, but we promise to continue to bring more great DJ's and labels to our schedule.

Thank you for understanding and for supporting our work.